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Get fit with ejf fitness in Sherborne

Whether you’re training to improve your health, to lose weight, train for a sporting event or just have a better quality of life, I will give you confidence and motivation. You can either exercise on your own or as a group fitting around busy lifestyles.

I can do specific exercise for ladies and groups including core conditioning, walking, jogging and circuit training. All this can be done either in the privacy of your own home or outside in the fresh air — the choice is yours.

Training with ejf fitness will:

•    increase your energy and vitality
    improve your muscle tone
    help you realise an ambition
    decrease your stress
    help you lose weight
    create a sensible eating plan

So contact ejf fitness for an informal chat — we’ll work together to achieve your personal goals. You’ll feel fit, healthy and ready for life!


Alongside physical activity I will give you nutritional advice and assistance with weight management, healthy eating and a sense of well being incorporating a food diary. Small changes with your overall diet combined with exercise can produce dramatic results! You can lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived of the foods you enjoy. Diet plays a large role in maintaining your health and well being as well as improving your physical performance.

Sports massage therapy

Take advantage of a course of sessions as either part of your training programme, or to relieve tired muscles or just to de-stress from a busy day.

Other benefits are:

    relieves stress and tension
    improves posture and general body awareness
    reduces injuries and speeds up recovery
•    increases flexibility and range of movement