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Mary | Champagne Mouton, France

Emily, a huge thanks for getting this 50-something off the sofa and back into exercise. You took the time to understand my goals and knew when I was ready for more challenging routines. I even enjoyed it! I’ll miss working with you now you’ve moved back to the UK, but your distance programs and Skype sessions will help me continue my progression.

David (Age 66) | Chateau Garnier, France

As a former London fireman and rugby player I have accumulated several long standing and problematic injuries. As a result, whilst trying to keep reasonably fit by my own devices, I had begun a slow downward spiral until that is, I saw Emily’s advertisement. She has been able to think around the physical limitations of my injuries and devise an exercise regime that has benefited me greatly. Her instruction and encouragement have motivated me to achieve and maintain a higher level of fitness than I had imagined possible and I feel so much better for it.

Nicky | Robertsbridge

I have never been a keep fitness and exercise buff, always making excuses from I have an active job, where I do a lot of walking to I’m too busy, and yes even the ironing was more appealing than the idea of exercise. This didn’t stop the pounds piling and staying on. Motivation never being one of my strong points, especially when it came to exercise. A personal trainer was the only way to go, and under Emily’s encouraging supervision and support results are happening. Working with a food dairy and regular sessions, both my weight and general fitness are under control. I no longer have negative image in my mind about exercise and dread the thought, but realize that I am feeling better within and about myself. I can even say I look forward to the training sessions. So thank you Emily.

Mike | Uckfield

Three years ago I took up the mad sport of triathlon. My first events went well but by the end of the race season I started to suffer and became incredibly tired and exhausted. A fellow triathlete suggested getting some help with my fitness levels and core stability and put me in touch with EJF Fitness. Emily has provided me with the strength and durability I lacked with my core stability and has helped me lose the excess bulk I had gained from my years of gym training. The nutritional advice has been invaluable when it comes to eating the correct foods for my triathlon training and racing. The combination of the personal training, nutritional advice and the sports massage has helped me achieve so much this year, my results have improved significantly and this year I represented Great Britain at the European Championships.